Lost Camp 2023


What is it that makes Guatemala
so special?

Is it the Mayan people?

Is it the volcanoes?

Is it the villages?

Or is it the beautiful nature?

There's only one way to find out...

Join us for for the adventure of a lifetime!
Lost Camp 2023
June 26th- July 16th

Destination: Guatemala

Jewish teens and young adults. Ages 14-26 on any religious level. As long as you’re coming to grow… WE WANT YOU!

Please call for pricing. Please make sure to apply before May 14th to still be eligible for our early bird pricing!

Imagine walking from village to village in a foreign country with everything you need on your back and doing the wildest activities as you go. No distractions, camping out every night under the stars and a group of guys who are down to change their lives together and have an absolute blast! You can find out more of what the experience is like in our “about what we do” section.

Early Bird Special ends Soon!


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Fun Fact!

Did you know that Guatemala is one of the only places on planet earth where you can have the experience of watching a volcanoe erupt from a safe distance?